Monday, January 30, 2012

Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters - They're Here!

Revlon's Lip Butters have been talked about and reviewed on the 'net since late last year and I was amazed to actually see them on our shores this quickly! Imagine my surprise as I was at Watson's Pavilion to get some vitamins and stumbled upon a small collection of these lip butters at the Revlon display. I was actually looking at the new Age Defying Foundation when these Lip Butters caught my eye!

There were only about 8 shades to pick from although I know that there are 20 shades in total that the US drugstores carry. Out of these limited shades, I picked out 4 and they are Brown Sugar, Sugar Plum, Fig Jam and Macaroon. Such delicious sounding names!

The packaging has quilted imprint on the side that is quite translucent. The casing also does not open at the halfway mark like most lipsticks do. I find it easier to open the 'traditional' lipstick casings as you can firmly grip the bottom half and then open the cap to reveal your lipstick. As for this product, the top casing encompasses two thirds of the lipstick. I do have some difficulty gripping just the edges of the bottom to release the top part. Having said that, I do like the packaging as the cover reflects the shade of lip butter that is in the tube and when your lipstick drawer becomes a tad can still find the shade you need!

I just eyeballed the colors that I thought would most suit me or that I could work with because as with all testers - the one's at Watsons were pretty much decimated! Do you notice this as well? Its as if someone hands all the testers to a bunch of chimpanzees prior to putting them on the shelf for us to try! I have seen ladies walk in to put on their makeup using all the samples and then take off...possibly heading out to meet their dates! Shameful!! The most I would do is test them on the back of my hand and have a tissue handy to wipe them off.

These are how they swatched on the inside of my hand. The colors are sheer although I swatched it several times. I also noticed that these swatched very creamily on my hand. As these are not straight up lipsticks, be aware that they will not have the same intensity. Hence imagine a creamy lip balm that is tinted. I imagine that if you use a lip liner and smudge a thin layer all over your lips and then apply the Lip Butter, it would look lovely and have that lipstick effect you are looking for with the added advantage of a glossy sheen as well. Also, if you are the sort who likes a sheer wash of color, one swipe of this on your lips would keep your lips moisturised as well as add some color. There are times that I only want some moisture on my lips with a small amount of color to brighten up my face and I forsee this being perfect for such a time as that.

I will have pictures of these on my lips and a review of how the product holds up soon so do watch out for that.These retail for RM25 each which is such a small price to pay for a quick pick me up!!