Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Nails!

This is a design I did for my precious daughter who celebrated her 8th birthday on the 23rd. She had asked me to do her nails for her birthday and I wanted her to have something sweet on her special day. Besides, school is now out in this part of the world so it is good that she gets to enjoy looking at her nails for a while.

My little girl simply adores the color blue...so most of what we buy her usually has some blue in it. Hence I chose this bright and cheery blue color from Etude House.
As you can see in this picture below, she is posing with a little doggie soft toy which she calls "Vanilla". Vanilla has been with her since she was a few months old and my little girl usually has him cuddled in her arms when she goes to sleep every night.
I'm sure you are wondering why, dear reader, we call him Vanilla.....well, when my husband first brought him home, my daughter was only a few months old and could not talk yet, so we decided that he needed a name and came up with Vanilla because of his slightly milky color.
He is such a cutie. However, if you see, my daughter has her hands on the top of Vanilla's head in the photo's - this is because there is a big hole there! This was unfortunately caused by her younger sister poking a pencil through his head one day!!

The design that I chose for this Konad was a cute little bow ( see plate M71 below) done using the Konad Special nail polish in white. She initially decided on the design of the girls head on the left but it was a little too big to fit on to her wee nails.

Do you like this design dear readers?

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s said...

It's pretty! I like the blue...

Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday too!