Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

I was pleasantly surprised a couple of weekends ago, dear readers when I came across these lippies from Revlon ColorBurst collection. I purchased these in two shades - Plum and Mauve for a decent price of RM 32.88 and got a free item to boot!



Since the Revlon counter was hogged by a loud lady looking for a nail polish color that she purchased way back in the day and did not remember the name of it, I could not really get a close look at all the colors properly! I took a look at Fuchsia and True Red and decided that those were not the colors for me. I then moved on to Plum and Mauve and knew that I would be able to rock those colors for sure!

I got home and immediately tore into the packaging - unfortunately, in Malaysia such items come with a security bar tag stuck on to the product which makes it impossible to remove! Once I opened the lipstick, I was happy to note that there was no smell which I really like. Strong smelling products sometimes put me off. The packaging is sleek looking with a crosshatch design.

As you can see from the pictures above, the cover of the lipstick tells you the color of the product very accurately. Great for identifying quickly in a drawer full of lippies, I tell you! More so when you have multiples of the same brand/type of lipstick.

I was delighted when I tried these on - they were really creamy and applied very well. The color pay off was great as it was intense and a true reflection of the color of the lipstick itself. After several hours, the lipstick wore off but did not leave my lips dry and flaky. Nice!

Here are the swatches:- Plum and Mauve



As you can see, Plum is really deep and I have worn these on days when my eye make up is simple. Mauve on the other hand is a shade that I can carry off well when my eye make up is strong. These colors were applied only once and I had my lips primed and concealed with some concealer to even out the color (my top lip is darker than my bottom lip) before I applied it on, so the color payoff is awesome!

And remember the free item I got with this purchase? Well it is a lipstick pouch with a little mirror! The design of the pouch is similar to the ColorBurst lipstick casing as well. There is enough space in here to store miniatures of your make up items for a quick touch up at the office, so its really useful for me.

I am quite excited to see the whole range of colors and see if there are other shades that will suit me.

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pugnes said...

I like the mauve lipcolor. :)