Friday, June 25, 2010

Rimmel Color Rush Duo Eye Shadow in Soft Glam

When Rimmel first hit Malaysian shores I was really excited because I remember purchasing a few items from this drugstore brand way back in the early nineties in London.

When it comes to eyeshadows, I was not very adventurous and only preferred light pink to deep purples. However, after seeing so many wonderful lady bloggers out there use to-die-for colors on their lids and watching all the inspiring You Tube videos of women of color experiment with bold bright colors, I have become more adventurous too! So when I saw this, I decided to purchase it because green was a color that I had previously NEVER considered putting on my lids......  

This duo is called Soft Glam and I must say that there is nothing "Soft" or "Glam" about this! Strong words, I know.

The moment I opened the package, I noticed that there was powdery dust all over the inside of product. The shadows were not smooth upon application and there was a lot of fallout under my eye which had to be cleaned up. The color payoff was miserable especially the lighter color at the bottom. In the picture above, it looks rather silvery but its actually a lovely light cream shade, which was what caught my attention to this duo anyway.

As for it not being soft - the sponge tip applicator provided is of course, crap. But the product itself, seems very grainy and coarse with a lot of product wastage because of its powdery nature.

The colors too are not glam - let me show you the swatches below:-

The top swatch is the green color which is a lovely shade but, in order to get the color to match that of what you actually see in the packaging, you will need to apply it several times. This is not a single swipe of the color on my hand but about three or four swipes! The bottom color on the other hand totally refuses to turn up on my hand and you cannot really see a true reflection of the color too. I swatched this at least six times and was still unable to get the color to show up! The same goes for when I apply it on my lids........

Verdict: Totally dislike this product and would not recommend it. Pricewise, it's priced at RM18.90 at the time of purchase so it did not cause any trauma to my wallet. As for my introduction to green....well this bad experience has not totally put me off the color so I will continue to look for the perfect green for my skintone. Meanwhile, I will chuck this duo in with the other colors that are lying in my cosmetics graveyard.

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