Monday, July 26, 2010

Prepping Lips For Lipstick

I just wanted to share a tip with you ladies out there. Before I begin putting on my makeup, I usually put a little Vaseline or lip balm on my lips. This gives the product time to soak in my lips and do it's thing as well as prep's my lips for smoother application and longer lasting lipstick.

My lipstick goes on last after I put on my clothes because I had an accident while putting on a white blouse once - I needed to do a quick change and that really upset me. So after that incident, I always put my lippie on last.

Just before I put on my lipstick, I use a tissue to pat off the excess vaseline or lip balm on my lips and then proceed to line my lips and fill it in with lip color.

Do you already do this, dear readers?


Uma Preve said...

I have been doing this for many years now.... This is a very good tip. Thanks for sharing!

pugnes said...

Yea!! I use Vaseline if my lips looks chapped or dry. After apply it and leave it for a while, i will continue with my lipstick, liner and gloss. But I apply vaseline every night before i go to bed and i feel a smooth lips in the morning :)