Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Eye Look Using UD Naked Palette

This is my first look created using the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I love the colors so much and I knew exactly which colors I wanted to rock this morning! Nope....I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, but I so much wanted to play around with the colors that I spent half an hour just doing my eyes. Another first if you did not already notice, I have on falsies!!! My first time using false eyelashes. I am indeed proud of myself. Not a look you want to sport to the office....well you could, if you toned down the eyeliner and left out the falsies.

Here is the complete look. I started off by priming the eye lids with my NYX Eye Shadow Base, which I think is comparable to the UD primer potion. I have worn eye make up with this as a base for 12 hours straight and it looked as fresh as it did when I put it on.

 Take Virgin and lay some down on the inner corner of the eyes as well as on the brow bone to highlight. I could have used more on the brow bone - I failed to realise that once I was done with the look, Virgin had sort of faded a little with all the buffing and swirling.
Then take Sin and use that all over the lids going up to just below the brow bone. After that, tear off a small piece of sticky tape and angle it on the outer corner of your eyes to achieve the cut crease look. (Many tutorials of the cut crease are available on YouTube, please watch those to get an idea of how this is done.) Make sure you take off the tackiness of the sticky tape on the back of your hand prior to using it on the outer corner of your eyes. Once you are happy with the placement of the sticky tape, take a small fluffy brush and apply Half Baked on the middle of the eyelid. You don't need to go all the way to the outer corner of the eyes but concentrate on the middle of the lids.

On the outer corner use the same small fluffy blender brush to pick up Hustle and apply going from the sticky tape towards the middle of the crease of the eye. Pick up a little more of Hustle and repeat until you get the density that you are happy with. I also took a small amount of Creep and concentrated on the outer corner to give it a little more definition.

Then use Zero to line the upper eyelid and Whiskey to line the lower lids. I used Sidecar  with a pencil brush over Whiskey to make the color pop...but I don't think I used enough as I could not see it clearly in these pictures.

Over this I added my False eyelashes. These are from Taiwan and look quite pretty and natural. I had to put on a thick layer of Liquid Eye Liner - Cyber Color in Black, to mask the glue line of the falsies. I did not quite get the falsies to stick nicely so if you note that in these pictures, please forgive me. It is my first attempt after all!

Hope you like this look - my hubby said I looked like a Geisha with my fluttery lashes!!


Tanveer Parmar said...

That is really pretty! :D

pugnes said...

Woo, Really pretty, I love the colors :)

anamika said...

very pretty look indeed:)