Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sephora's SUPREME Cleansing Foam - Darling or Dud?

In earlier post, I talked about my trip to Sephora and how much I enjoyed it. Here is another product I purchased and this is from the in-house brand. Having been on a mission to find a good cleanser, (I may have found a HG cleanser (diferent brand)!! More in a future post) I bought this one because I liked the fact that it was a foam cleanser.

On the bottle you can see that it is called the 'Supreme' Cleansing Foam and claims to be an all in one cleanser which is able to remove even waterproof make-up and tones at the same time. Quite lofty claims aren't they?

The first thing that hit me when I pumped this product on to my fingers is the smell. It smelt very strongly of chemicals and was quite off putting. Now, I am usually quite tolerant of smells seeing it as an integral part of the whole aesthetics of the product but smell is something quite arbitrary because something that smells good to one person may have an opposite effect on another. This one was a clear no-no to me. Not at all pleasant.

The first time I used it, I did not use a make-up remover prior to washing with this foam. As expected my make up was not removed as thoroughly as I thought it would. When I came out of the shower and looked at my face in the mirror, I was amazed that my eye make up (shadow in the inner corner, waterproof liner and under eye concealer) were still hanging on for dear life. Well, I persisted, thinking it was not fair of me to put the cleanser through such a stringent test! I tried the next day after work and this time removed most of my makeup with a remover, then used the cleanser. I checked my face in the mirror. This time my face looked clean, but did not 'feel' very clean. I then used a little bit of toner on a cotton pad and to my horror, there was still bits of foundation around the hairline and around my nose.

I have tried using this product with every make-up combination possible, no primers, light mascara, just foundation and some lipstick and eye make-up (I don't use a make-up remover prior to cleansing when I don't have primers on) and the results are still the same. There is still plenty of residual make-up left after cleansing with this foam.

Even though this cleanser claims to remove waterproof make-up, things like liners and mascara also are not removed well. I will go as far as to say that my waterproof mascara hardly came off with this cleanser and as a result I needed to use a little bit of cleansing oil on a cotton round to remove this AFTER I had cleansed! I hate how heavy waterproof mascara feels if it is not thoroughly removed after washing.....

As for it's claims to tone skin, I did not at all feel this and I noticed no difference in my face as evidence of this. To be fair, I only used one bottle and this could not have been enough to produce the toning effect perhaps. I could not wait to finish all 150ml's of this product and was really happy the day I threw the empty bottle out! This will not be a repurchase for me and I will be quite cautious when I pick out the cleansers in the Sephora line of products.

If you have tried this, I hope you had a better experience that I did.......

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