Monday, May 4, 2009

Majolica Majorca Trick on Powder

Majolica Majorca - Trick on Powder Eyeshadow in GR 750

I was shopping around in Watsons at the Pavilion KL and I chanced upon this little cutie. I have no idea whether these colors will suit my skin - but it looks so girlie and cute that I could not resist picking it up. I notice that I am more inclined to pick up eye colors rather than say, lipsticks because I have been disappointed many times with lipstick colors that look so lovely in the tube but turns out just 'blah' on my lips! I am more confident with eye colors which I know can really pop with a little bit of mixing and blending.

Majolica Majorca is a brand under Shiseido. Shiseido is not a brand that I have explored because of two reasons:-
(a) many years ago when I was looking for foundation, I went by the Shiseido counter and as soon as the words "foundation" came out of my mouth, the SA said "Sorry our colors are more for lighter skin".
(b) I am ignorant about to the stuff that they carry! (I purposely choose to ignore the items that they carry because of that one bad experience).

How many ladies out there have come across silly SA's? They make or break a sale with me - if they are not too pushy, I am always moved to buy and if they came straight out of hell - no way am I buying anything!

Anyway, I digress. The SA's from hell story should have its own post!

Since I bought this, I have been pulling it out to look at it lovingly everyday and whats more, there is even a little tutorial at the back of it teaching you where to use the 4 different colors. I was so drawn to the mossy green (one wall in my room is painted a similar shade). I have of course never tried this shade of green and am dying to try it out so I can give you my feedback soon.

I purchased this for RM49.90. Which I though was rather steep but trust me, you will fall in love with the way this looks.

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Anonymous said...

hi jacqueline! im Bobo... read about ur review of this product, and guess what.... i have it too and use it almost everyday! and yes, very nice color and easy to blend!