Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review: Skinlite Make-Up Cleansing Tissues

I am sometimes lazy. I come home from work and the first thing I must do is wash my face and get all the make up off. But I am lazy and on some days, picking up the facial cleanser, lathering it, and washing up is just too much for me. Have you ever felt that way?
So, when I chanced upon these cleansing tissues, I thought, they were perfect for a bum like me! I found these at the SASA outlet at KLCC, (I am sure you are thinking that I spend waaaay too much time at SASA!) for a steal at RM14.90 and they are the most convenient thing to have, I tell you.
These make up cleansing tissues claims to remove eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and even waterproof mascara without irritating the skin. There are several different ingredients in these pre-moistened tissues. There is Aloe, Cucumber, Green Tea and also Rose. I chose the Green Tea and Aloe tissue. There is a pleasant and calming fragrance in the tissues which is great if you are using it after a hard days work.
I was initially sceptical on how well this tissue will clean my face and also how many I would need to use in order to thoroughly cleanse my face. I was pleasantly surprised!
The tissue comes in a sealed plastic package which is nestled in the box that you see in the picture. It contains 30 pre-moistened sheets of this tissue and has a resealable flap so it does not dry up. It is great if it sits on your dresser or as in my case, my bathroom counter however, it will not fit very well in a bag. If you want to carry this around with you, then you will need to remove the packaging from the box and it will be good to stash in your bag if you like.
I pull out a sheet and open up the tissue to its full size, and start from the centre of my forehead and swipe it all the way to my temple and repeat on the other side. I then move the tissue to a clean portion and continue from the bridge of my nose near the inner corner of my eye, to my cheeks and outwards to my temple. Then repeat on the other side of my face.
I then turn the tissue over and wipe my chin and lips, turn the tissue to a clean portion and wipe the area around my eyes being careful to not pull the area under the eye too much. I then crush the tissue and use the cleaner corners to wipe my neck. I know this may sound like I am stingy with the tissues but I wanted to see if I could indeed use jsut one tissue to clean my entire face - and I believe its do-able! If you are a purist, then by all means, use two tissues.
Voila! Clean and refreshed face in no time. What I was most impressed is that my face felt clean and fresh as well as cool after I used the tissue which I did not expect at all. In fact, it felt like I had washed my face the traditional way. I was also thinking that my pores would be clogged and that surely a nasty angry pimple would surface in the coming days. Nothing!
I usually take a warm shower before I turn into bed and so several hours after using the tissue, I still did wash my face with a cleanser. Overall, if you need to clean your face quickly with good results, then this tissue is something you should keep with you. It should not be a substitute for a good wash. I don't use this everyday, as I said, only on my lazy days.

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