Monday, October 5, 2009

Orgel Light Blusher No. 4 in Rose

This is a review of one item from my Etude House haul and please forgive me, I am so crap at taking good photo's.

I fell in love with this blusher the moment I set my eyes on it. This is because I loved how the colors looked together and plus, it is shimmery. Now I am not a great fan of shimmer because as you all know, I feel that if it is not applied properly it can look a little odd on Indian skin. That was my feeling with the Majolica Majorca eye shadow which I loved the look of and then when it went on my eyes, the shimmer was too much. Perhaps I need to give that another try and blend like crazy.

I had seen varieties of this around but never really got up close and personal enough to purchase one. The packaging is so very beautiful too. It took a while for me to try this on because I did not want to defile it by using the blush however, I could not resist when I looked at it one morning and the shimmer winked back at me as if to beckon me to use it! So I thought I would give it a try as I was going very easy on my make up that day – light foundation, cover on the under eye shadows, liner on the top lids and lots of mascara with a lashing of lipstick. The blush did not disappoint and added some much needed shimmer on an otherwise plain face.

The colors go from a dark maroon to a light cream as you can see from the swatches above and are a dream going on. My first attempt had me using my Loving minerals angled blush brush to swipe the entire pan and the color came off as rather too light. So I had shimmery cheeks but little color. On my second attempt, I decided to swipe more of the maroon and pink edge of the palette and this gave me a great color pay off – just the right amount of color and shimmer. I tried it again another day and this time concentrated the darker colors on my cheeks first and then added the lighter side at the higher end of my cheekbones to highlight. It was delicious to look at and this made me happy the whole day.
Best of all, the SA explained that each brick of color can be used on the eyes as eye shadow too and this opened up a whole flood of possibilities in mixing and matching. How cool it is that in these trying economic times for one item to do double duty as a blush as well as eye shadow! A truly amazing deal for RM59.90!

I love make-up once it has had time to settle and after an hour or two, when you look in the mirror, it seems to look better than when you first put it on in the morning. Oxidization and the mixing of the colors with your natural oils do wonders for the face.
Have any of you stumbled on this beauty? Do tell…….

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