Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Keep Your Hands Looking Young

Keeping the back of your hands looking young could never be easier.

I am such a bum when it comes to being diligent about rituals such as slathering hand or body cream all over myself as soon as I step out of the shower – even if the moment I step out of the shower, my bottle of body cream is smiling at me and waiting to be used!
However, there is one thing which I do every time I put on makeup – and that is to use the residue moisturizer that are on my fingers to rub into the backs of my hands……and I believe it works wonders once you get it going as part of your routine. It becomes a no-brainer!

It’s so easy. Once I finish toning my face, I scoop up a little moisturizer and warm it on my fingers. I then spread it on my finger tips and gently pat it all over my face with upward movements and then move to my neck doing the same. Instead of washing my hands of the residue moisturizer, I rub whatever is left on my fingers onto the backs of my hands starting with the fingers and moving higher until I reach my wrists. I stop there and then move to my elbows – which is always in need of a little extra moisturizing – and rub away until I feel that there is no product left on my fingers.

It’s lovely because, not only do I get a little lovin’ on my hands, it also gives the moisturizer on my face time to be absorbed. Although as you do this often, it does not really take that long and you find that you may need a minute more to wait for your moisturizer to be absorbed fully. The payoff is great as I notice that the backs of my hands have always been plump and smooth. You know what they say about a woman’s hands – that they show her age faster than her face.

So ladies if you want younger looking hands, why not work this into your routine daily? It won’t take more than a few seconds and you will see results and anyway, I am pretty sure some of you are doing it already!

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