Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E.L.F - Shimmering Facial Whips

Say hello to the two Shimmering Facial Whips that I got from E.L.F. One is called Lilac Petal (right) which is a cool pinky shimmer and the other is Golden Peach (right, below) which is a warm toasty shimmer.

Both colors are to be used to highlight your cheeks or eye area to brighten them up a little and work very well if used in small quantities and blended nicely.

I currently use a similar shimmer from Estee Lauder which I believe brightens up my face a little.

Initially I was a little concerned that these shimmers, being only USD 1 each would cause breakouts on my face but surprisingly, they both did not and I have used them several times since.

How do you use your shimmers?

I initially tried highlighting my upper cheek bones but I did not like how it turned out. Perhaps I did not blend it enough because I was aware that only the tops of my cheeks where shiny throughout the day.

I tried something else which I am really happy with and I would like to know if you, dear readers have tried this too?

I mix a little amount of shimmer with my moisturizer and use it all over my face and neck. I have found that this way, I get an even hint of shimmer all over my face and once I put on my foundation, there are hints of a more subtle glow.

Here are swatches of the two and you can see how Lilac Petal is a cooler color compared to Golden Peach. I do love to use the Golden Peach which gives my (already!) brown skin a bronzy glow. I use very little though and one useful tip is to always use less than more because you can always add on but never take away - unless you wash it off and start over!

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