Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maybelline Mineral Power - Powder Foundation

Ladies out there with duskier skin tones will identify with me! For me, the relationship with my foundation has always been a love-hate one. I love it when it is tried on me in the shop but hate it when I get home! Go figure! I am also on a quest to find the "PERFECT" foundation - does this exist though?

I purchased this mineral powder foundation at a Walmart in Chicago for USD 8.00 over a year ago and the color is a good match for my skin. At that time I was looking for mineral foundation and came across this one.

This retails in Malaysia for RM49.90 and it is called "Clear Smooth Minerals" here.

The color that was the closest match for my skin was this one below called Pure Beige.

Incidentally, there were no testers for this range of foundation. What the SA showed me was a clear plastic sheet with the different foundation colors on it and told me to see which color 'disappears' on the skin of my cheek. I did this and Pure Beige - Medium 2 was the color that disappeared. I was a little apprehensive of purchasing something that I did not try out first but bought it anyway. It came with a little kabuki brush which is holding up pretty well after several washings.

Verdict on this product:

It was a close enough match. By this I mean that once I apply the foundation, it looks a little lighter than my skin however, after half an hour, the color settles and blends perfectly with my skin. It did not give me breakouts which is what minerals promise to do anyway as they are good for your skin.

What I particularly like about this mineral foundation is that it is buildable, evens out skintone and conceals minor imperfections. However, if your skin is slightly oily around the t-zone like mine then you will need to dab off the excess oil after about two hours of applying your make-up. I overcome this by using a primer that absorbs excess oils.

The kabuki brush does a decent job of dispensing the powder all over your face but is a little too scratchy for my liking. After using it, I always experience a slight itching around my chin for about 2-3 minutes. I tried washing the brush but this itch is still noticable every time I use it.

I love the foundation because it does not 'weigh down' my skin like some liquid fondations can and this is a bonus for me.

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Rima Kaur said...

i too used to think that liquid foundations are too heavy for daily use but once i purchased my mac select spf 15, there was no looking back! it vanishes into my skin like a light lotion (i have very dry skin) and stays put no matter how much i sweat and dab my face with a tissue! my skin remains supple even though this is a matte finish foundation. you really must give this a try.