Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bangkok - How We Spent Our 10th Wedding Anniversary: Part 2

I loved everything that went past my mouth in Bangkok. I was fortunate enough to have friends there who gave me lists of places to go for food. We partially followed the list and let our noses lead the way sometimes. I ate too much.

This is Pad Thai. We found this delightful stall tucked away in one of the side streets in Chinatown and the pad thai only cost us RM 4. It is one of the dishes in Chinatown that our noses led us to! The pad thai was so good we ordered another plate to share between us.  Along that road was also a man selling porridge or 'cjhok' as they call it. I am not a fan of this but my husband enjoyed it very much.

Kalpapruek restaurant at the Siam Paragon came highly recommended and our friend was right! Finding it was horrible though....try pronouncing the name and asking for directions in broken Thai! The ladies at the information counter of Siam laughed at us when we approached them for directions.


The picture above is where we had breakfast at the hotel. This shows the wood oven used to toast the variety of breads you see on display there. Wood oven! Toast never tasted so good and a worthy mention is also the croissants.....they were bits of manna from heaven. My husband said that it was just not polite for a grown woman and mother of two children to sneak those croissants into my handbag. I disagreed with him but did not take the croissants for the record!

These are some of the culinary delights we discovered at Chatuchak Market. Its an awsome market but in a crazy way....we got a map and did not get lost at all. My husband's keen navigation skills must be commended here!
Giant Prawn Noodle (left) - Rating: 7/10
Beef Noodle (right) - Rating: 10/10

Below you will see my favourite dessert (name escapes me), one that I had almost every day I was there. Rating: Out of this world/10!

It is a thin crispy pancake that tastes like chinese loveletters, filled with eggwhite and sugar whisked to a fluffy cloud with grated persimmons on top. This was another find at the Siam Paragon food court.

I am missing the food already......

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pugnes said...

Foods look YUMMY!!! Sure u enjoyed it :) I'm hoping for a trip to Bangkok too now.. :p