Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hada Labo - The Results

After using Hada Labo - that magic liquid everyone is crazy about - for over a month, I can say that it is indeed something that should be kept in a woman's arsenal of beauty products!

I am not one to conform to rules. I do not pat it on....well, I did when I first started using it and then I got too impatient. So I rub it on gently. Patting takes forever to get this stuff absorbed into your skin. So I rub. I rub it on my face. I rub it on my neck, and whatever is left, I rub on the backs of my hands. (I am convinced I am not the only one who is guilty of this!)

I have used the liquid after I take off my makeup at the end of my workday. I mostly use it at night before I go to sleep, because I figure that the air conditioning dries out my skin and this thing is supposed to keep moisture in so nighttime must be the best time to use it. And it has been. Whenever I use it at night, I notice a clearness and clarity in my skin the next morning. 

On the flipside, after a while, I notice that my face becomes oily around the t-zone. I have skin which tends to get oily and I had pimples for the most of my teen years and adult life. Things started to get better when my doctor put me on birth control pills which in turn stabilised the oiliness and helped with giving me clearer skin.

There is, however, no "bounce" to my skin unlike what you all saw in the video. Perhaps that is why I gave up patting. I know advertisements are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but come on....a little teensy, weensy bounce would have meant the world to me. Didn't happen.

So I am using it everyday. The amount needed is far less than what is recommended. The SA at the pharmacy I purchased this from took one look at my face and said "4 drops" - I use 2 and still have some to spare for my neck.

This product is not available in Singapore according to Sesame of Viva Woman but if it is in your part of the world and you have purchased a bottle, I hope to hear your thoughts.

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