Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning

I purchased this adorable looking cutie at a Boots in Bangkok recently. I loved the design and compactness of it the moment I set eyes on it and at a price of THB 65, which is around RM6.70 for a 100ml bottle, cheap as chips!

I have of late, gone into overdrive with ensuring that my hands are well moisturized. I dreamt, one night, that someone compared my skin to that of a dinosaurs! Go figure.

I do intend to moisturize often and this is evident in the fact that I carry a bottle of hand cream in my handbag, but I never get around to actually doing it.

The reason I like this product is that it is also formulated for the nails - so I feel like I am getting a two in one. I have horrible cuticles that are dry and rough and this helps soften them and keep them happy.

I love the subtly sweet smell of this. It does not overpower me. I find that a small amount goes a long way and the cream is thick enough not to dribble out of the bottle, hence controlling the amount you dispense at each use. I concentrate on rubbing them into the palms as well as the back of my hands and then massage them into my nails and cuticles. I then rub the excess on my elbows.

It is indeed a conditioning cream as my skin feels smooth and soft after using it for several weeks now.

This conditioning cream lists water, mineral oil and sunflower seed oil as some of its main ingredients. This is a bargain for less than RM 10 and I hope to see it in our pharmacies soon. I did see a similar packaging of a Vaseline hand cream but I am not sure if this one has reached our shores yet. If you have seen it dear readers, please let me know.

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Paris B said...

I love Bangkok for their little travel sized lotions - makes it a great way to try out something new before buying the full size plus its cheap! :D