Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boots Expert Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

This is another one of my purchases in Bangkok recently. I hit the Boots store and I hit it hard! And I went back and hit it again!! My husband thought I was crazy but hey, I got really excited looking at all the yummy products on display. Besides, we do not get Boots products here whereas our neighbours up north who are only a hop and a skip away do. Not fair!

I am a bit of a Konad junkie and love as well as collect nail colors with a passion and I had read much about acetone free nail polish remover. However, I was never able to find this product here. Or perhaps I have not looked hard enough, so correct me if I am wrong ladies.

The reasons for choosing a remover that is acetone free is the fact that it is deemed safer and is more gentler on the cuticles. Whereas a nail polsih remover with acetone actually dries out the nail bed and cuticles. There have been studies that link prolonged exposure to acetone to certain types of cancer.

The key word here is "prolonged" and if you are a serious user of removers with acetone then perhaps there could be the danger of suffering from its after effects.

However, if your average use is once every couple of weeks then I guess it would not pose much of a problem. (This is entirely my personal opinion.) 

Acetone-free removers are made from a milder solvent called ethyl acetate as you can see from the list of ingredients in the picture here.

When I first used this product a couple of weeks ago I was taken aback by a strong chemical like smell which went straight to my head. (Note to self: DO NOT put bottle close to nose when opening!)

It surely smelt strong the first time I used it but as I kept going, the smell turned to something sweet, almost like a flowery smell but just much stronger. I told myself that I would not use it as often because the smell was rather off putting but gave this bottle a second chance another day. I discovered that it was not actually that bad a smell. I figured that the chemical smell was something that came out of the bottle the first time I opened it because subsequently it was not there. 

This is a fairly easy to use liquid which cleans as well as other popular brands. My favourite is Sally Hansen's remover but this does the job just as well. It costs around RM16. A little steep for my liking! I will stick with Sally Hansens for now.

Sadly, once my bottles (yes, I bought two out of sheer "kiasu-ness") are used up I would not repurchase unless we get a Boots Pharmacy here! 

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