Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boots No.7 Intelligent Color Foundation

I am really fussy about foundations. They scare the living daylights out of me because I can never seem to find a color that suits my skin tone. I have one other foundation which is a M.A.C in NC 45 which really comes close but could be better. I also have a Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation which I purchased in the US the color of which is Pure Beinge in a Medium 2. It is great if you want sheer coverage - too much powder foundation can have the overly powdered face effect which is every girl's nightmare. I have, of course, made horrible foundation mistakes in my younger days. Now I know and understand the benefits of blending!

The thought of getting a color custom blended to suit my skin, however much it costs, has occurred to me but I have never gotten round to doing it. The area of foundations is one that I am still figuring out and I am sure with much trying I should be able to find something that I can say "Yes" to!

What piqued my curiosity with this Boots No.7 foundation was the fact that it is called 'Intelligent Colour' - the SA told me that it adjusts to my skin color and the result should be smooth and sheer coverage which feels light on the skin. The colors available were light (01), medium (02) and dark (03)! Could not believe my eyes that there were actually colors for darker skinned women! I went straight for the medium and thought that would be a good match. The SA tried on some on the sides of my cheeks and it actually came out too dark. Surprise! She then suggested I go for the light and at this point I thought, "nah this is not going to work - the 'Light' would be too light". Not so. It turned out to be the perfect shade for me.

This was my "Yes" moment indeed!

This little tube was quite full of surprises. The texture of the liquid foundation was mousse like and spread like a velvety dream. It went on smoothly and did not cause any breakouts at all.

What I really like about this foundation is that it does not weigh down my skin, if you know what I mean. Some foundations just feel heavy on your skin and makes you feel like washing it off as soon as you get home. Not this one. It felt good.

This is what it says on the back of the tube:- ""Ever so clever colour... take away the guesswork with a foundation that adjusts to match the colour of your skin for a sheer, natural finish. Velvety soft, easily blended and so amazingly light you'll forget it's even there." I agree!

See how well the colour blended into my skin!

It also has an SPF value of 6 and is hypo-allergenic and does not block your pores. It cost THB599. That would be around RM62 - quite good value for money.

So, dear readers, if you have access to Boots products and are looking for a foundation that has sheer coverage, why not try this one.

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