Friday, February 5, 2010

Lakme Blusher in Rose

I was in Brickfields the other day and popped into a costume jewellery shop. The reason I walked in was because I spied some Lakme products there. I have not seen the full range of Lakme cosmetics in KL (correct me if I am wrong here) but I have read some reviews and skulked around their website several times to know that they have some smashing stuff. 

Sadly the shop only carried ONE shade of blusher and several bottles of black liquid liner. Shame really as there is a whole lot more on the website I purchased the Pure Radiance Blusher in Rose.

I liked the shade which I think really suits dusky Indian skin. Ladies with olive, dusky and darker tones don't really have it that good here in Malaysia. Most brands carry colors that complement lighter skin colors and thus leaving a really large group of women at a place where they have to make do. I am one of them. I have dusky skin with yellow undertones and many a time (years ago) when I used to shop for foundations, I was told right out by SA's of department store brands that they do not have colors to suit me! And I am on the fairer side of the spectrum mind you. Imagine my sisters with darker skin tones?

Avon, a brand that was big in the 80's had shades which came close to fairer dusky skins but I don't see any brand until this day that specifically targets ladies with darker skin tones. I have seen cosmetic lines for women of African descent in the US such as Covergirl Queen Collection. Is there a line similar to this for Asian women of darker skins?

Back to the blusher! This is what it looks like out of the packaging. It is a lovely cool shade of pink however, when you look at it closely, it is not that finely milled. But for the price of RM19.90 I believe it is good value for money. The brush, as with most blush brushes, is a not the correct size to add color evenly on your cheeks and this one is a little on the coarse side.

I have swatched the color here for you to see. This is several rubs of the product as one swipe did not truly reflect the shade.
I loved the color and it did give my skin a little radiance as the color enhanced my skintone.


Rima Kaur said...

oh so i've found a lover of lakme in kuala lumpur! i am from the capital of india, new delhi. lakme has a pretty strong fan following over here because it's been around since ages. many people have had bad experiences using their products, but i'll save that for another time. i want to buy a lakme blush and am reading reviews online. thanks for the info.

JackieA said...

Hello Rima,
It's nice to know that I have a 'sister' all the way in New Delhi! Thank you so much for stopping by. It is really sad that we here in Malaysia do not get the lovely Lakme stuff and although some people have had bad experiences, I see so many great additions on their website that I am sure there are some gems in there! I like the blush (good for a cheaply priced one) and I hope you will too if you purchase it.