Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bangkok Purchases

Whilst shopping at Chatuchak Market (or JJ market as the locals call it - seemingly its pronounced Jhatujhak or something similar). I stumbled upon several shops selling necklaces and I picked up a few for myself. The price and the make of these necklaces made it hard to resist.

Firstly, I picked up the blue one and then fell in love with the red one (no surprises as red is my favourite color) and took the green for good measure!

These necklaces were heavy unlike some similar one's I have come across and they were a bargain for less than RM25 each. I got a further discount because I took three!

1 comment:

pugnes said...

Nice necklaces, love the MnM colors. I like to collect necklaces also but i will buy the usual colors like black, white and so on. I should try other colors too. " Mus b Dare to wear colors"