Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion by Soap & Glory

This is another one of my purchases from Boots - Soap & Glory's Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion.

I was intrigued by the cute packaging of the entire S & G line of products. Doesn't the lady on the box look so retro? Cuteness!

The packaging in itself is a visual feast as it not only has attractive pictures, it also has a lot of interesting nuggets of information such as skincare tips to read. For instance, the top of the box reads "Is it risky to be this ravishing?" The reply? "Heck no, just Touch and Glow!"

This is what it says on the back of the product under Soap & Glory Skincare Tip # 12. " Wear sunscreen on your face everyday, or in 20 years, you could be wearing it as a belt." Funny!

So back to the moisture lotion that is supposed to make you glow.

This lotion is a moisturizer with a built in bronzer in the form of little beads that pop to release the bronzing powder into the mixture.

As you can see from the picture above, the bronze streaks have come from tiny bronzing beads that are contained in the lotion. This is more of a cream than a lotion because my idea of a lotion is one that has a thinner consistency. Once you rub the cream between your fingers for a couple of seconds, the beads break and you get a cream infused with a bronzer that should make your skin glow.

The list of ingredients for those who care.....

My verdict:


  • The cream was easy to apply and not much effort went into getting the tiny beads to pop and release their bronzy goodness.

  • Pleasant smell.

  • Face is enhanced with a subtle glow.

  • My face especially my t-zone became progressively oilier as the day went on and I found that I needed to use a tissue to dab off the oil more often.
  • I had a minor breakout issue the first two times I used this. (No breakouts subsequently, so I suspect the oiliness plus my pre-period hormones were to blame!)
  • Did not provide ground shaking glowiness to the face - no one at the office said "Wow you're glowing today baby!" Bah!
I find that in order to not walk around looking like a vat of oil threw up on my face, I need only to use very little of this product.

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