Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color Swatches of The Body Shop's Eye and Cheek Palette

I have quite a number of eye and cheek colors that are similar to this one by the Body Shop but I am so helplessly attracted to these colors that I simply could not resist.

You see, it all came in a lovely, flip open, black, velvet box. See what I mean? So convenient for when you travel. So easy to slip in a purse.

I am always drawn to colors such as these so for RM89.00, I picked this up as a present to myself just before Christmas. I used these colors on Christmas day and I must say I really liked the way it turned out.

The colors are slightly shimmery without being overly so which really suits my skin. So, below are the swatches as promised.

I am of the opinion though, that the Body Shop could have been a little more creative with the naming of these delicious colors.....the blush shade is just called, er, blush! Go figure! Could've done better.

To glam up, I use Pink shimmer all over the lids, highlight the brow bone with Caramel shimmer and use a mixture of Plum and Chocolate shimmer in the crease to give depth to the eye.

On the days I want to be casual or for the office, I use Pink shimmer all over and a little Caramel shimmer to highlight my browbone. There are some days when I prefer a low key look.

If you are wondering if the sponge tip applicator that comes in the box is any good, well, it does serve its purpose decently. If you are travelling then no need to take a separate tool for application of the eye shadows. Sadly, no brush was provided for the blush though. Did the Body Shop expect me to use my fingers?

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P.Pugnes said...

I love this palette from Body Shop. Its a limited edition if I'm not mistaken. I saw it during Christmas and I love the colors too.