Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First O.P.I and Some New Konad Plates

Love, love, love these O.P.I polishes and they are my first O.P.I.
The cutest quad on the block!

Meet Mauving to Manhattan, Brisbane Bronze, Royal Rajah Ruby and Malaga Wine.

Some swatches of the quadruplets.

From the top now....
  • Royal Rajah Ruby is a deep red that has a delicious dose of shimmer worked into it
  • Malaga Wine is the perfect shade of red and RED is my absolute favourite color!
  • Brisbane Bronze - orangey brown and also has shimmer worked in
  • Mauving to Manhattan - a sweet pinky purple
Royal Rajah Ruby and Malaga wine are difficult colors to wear in a corporate office. If your nails are kept super short then it would be totally wearable as it won't seem OTT. If you have long nails on the other hand, I would stay away from these two babies and keep them for weekends.

Brisbane Bronze and Malaga Wine on the other hand are more office friendly and totally wearable because your nails won't scream "Look at me!"  

I also picked up some Konad plates (S6, M69, M70 and M72) which means only one thing - you, dear readers can look forward to some nail porn! 


Simply Me said...

Stopping by from SITS ..though i must confess your profile pic and the saree is what caught my eye ..thats my fav color !!
Off to read more ..have a nice day .
cheers !!

susies1955 said...

Nice polishes and plates.
Can't wait to see your Konading photos. :)

tattytiara said...

Oh dangerous post dangerous post - I'm right in the middle of one of my reoccurring nail polish addictions, and it appears we have similar tastes in colors.

JackieA said...

Hello Priya@Simply Me, Thank you for stopping by.....I am glad the saree caught your eye! It's my favourite color and one that is hard to find in Malaysia. Great to get to know you.

JackieA said...

Hello Susies1955, Thank you so very much for stopping by. I hope I do not disappoint with my upcoming Konads. I am such a novice at this, but it's sisters like you that keep me going. I off to your blog to return the love!

JackieA said...

Hello there Tattytiara, Oooh....I could so tempt you with more but as it is I feel guilty that I may cause a wallet blow up moment with this post!

susies1955 said...

Hey we were all new at one point. I just started after Christmas. IT is so much fun.
I'm really looking forward to seeing your creations. :)
Hope you like my blog.