Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello dear readers,

There will be a severe lack of posts these next few days due to the fact that I (and my colleagues) will be moving office. We are moving from a place most call godforsaken (on most maps, this place is formally named Putrajaya, Malaysia) to Kuala Lumpur. This is where all the action is at and the best food can be found. Also because we are in the heart of the city, it's pretty much where EVERYTHING is at!

There will be no posts for a while because of these reasons:-
  • I will be too tired to put anything on my face at the end (or start, for that matter) of every day until we are settled in - hence, trials of all the products I am currently in the midst of testing for you (the things I do for my craft!) will be hereby suspended until life as it were resumes.
  • most of my decently long nails will be broken or chipped by the time I unpack my stuff and decorate my work space - hence, any Konading or showing off of nails colors will be disrespectful to serious nail lovers.
See you in a bit! Cheers!

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Megan Anne said...

Best of luck on the move! Remember to stretch first!