Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smart Storage for Eyeshadows

This is where I store my single eyeshadows.

This storage box from Beautilicious is so cheap and fits six Elianto eyeshadow singles.

I actually bought this compact storage box thinking that my single eyeshadows might fit....was not really sure. However, when I got home, it was a perfect fit. I was really pleased.

In order to get your eyeshadows into the case, gently (and I mean with the gentleness of a lamb!) remove your shadow pan from the original casing. In the case of Elianto shadows, there is a glue from hell which sticks the metal pan to a clear plastic case. It is really difficult to remove. Don't pull your shadow pan out - use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the casing off and then try to pry the remaining plastic from the pan. I tried to do it witout a pair of scissors the first time and I lost a perfectly wonderful deep blue shadow. The pan that held the shadow bent a little and the product popped out in a million little specks! Sad really.

Once you get your shadow out of the casing, remove the strip that covers a small piece of double sided tape that is stuck inside each circle holder and pop your pan in. It sticks very well as far as I am concerned. I have a Dymo (labelling tool) which I use for labelling anything and everything and I have meant to print out the names of the colors and stick it right above each color - nope, haven't gotten round to doing it. Just like me to be lazy!

As you can see in the close up, there is a slim area to store a brush or a sponge tip applicator. The case did not come with one, you are expected to insert your own. I just use a brush to apply the shadows that I need.

The names of these colors are from top left:-misty gray, scarlet purple, jewellery green. Bottom left:-copper brown,rich blue andmaya blue.

When before I had these eyeshadows in a horrible plastic case which oftentimes did not close properly, now I have a smart way to have my colors in one place.

Where do you store your singles?

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Deconstruction said...

Great storage place! I store my singles all over the place -- usually just jumbled together in a bag.