Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dark Lip Colors Will Not Do You Justice

If you saw my recent purchase of the super cheap Uptown Visions products, you would have seen two really dark lip colors in there. I picked those out because I did not have much of a choice and the store was running a BOGOF (buy one, get on free).

The two colors I chose were Raisin and Eggplant and from the name you would guess that Raisin is reddish and Eggplant is purplish in hue. Not really colors that I like these days.

The colors that I love now are mid to darker pinks and mild reds because I find them most flattering (see picture below on one of the pinky reds I am currently rockin' ). When I was younger, I did love dark reds and when you are young, you are able to carry that off well.

The thing with dark colors is that they tend to make the lips look smaller and it ages you somewhat. Try it in front of the mirror (like I did) and you will be able to see the difference.

I found it really hard to come off my dark lipcolor obsession as I transitioned into my thirties - just goes to show how you fall into a makeup rut and hold fast to the stuff you are used to!

I, for one, never thought that what I deemed as 'light' colors would do my face any justice. I was wrong and in a perfect world, you will get a lip color straight out of the tube that really, really looks good on you. In reality, to achieve a near perfect color that is just right for your skintone requires the mixing of at least two colors and also a complimentary lipliner that 'holds' your color in.

This could just be me as I am really picky about lip colors because many colors leave me looking washed out. I have tried practically the whole range of Bobbi Brown lipsticks at a workshop and did not find one that suited me! Granted their colors are more of the natural to nude tones. 

So, of the two colors, I like Raisin but I have not used it on its own yet. I added a lighter pink layer on my lower lip to tone down the intensity of it. It would work better for an evening out.

As for the Eggplant....thats a tough one to work with as it looks almost black on my kissers! I may use it but not without layers of lighter colors on top and I did consider using it as a liner. That remains to be tried.

As for the quality of these lipsticks....

  • strong oily smell

  • felt a little thick but went on super smoothly

  • rather strong pigment that stained my lips after using it for a few minutes
Not a product I would reach for neither will it be one that is on my list of favourites.


Megan Anne said...

That raisin color looks really pretty on you, though!

JackieA said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your comment - I appreciate you taking the time to drop by. The color that I am using on my lips is not Raisin but a pinkish color that I am using these days...I agree, the raisin looks nice and wearable on the back of my hand. Lots of potential there!