Monday, April 26, 2010

Coastal Scents Acquisitions

What a blast last week was - I received three packages; a bag for subscribing to a monthly magazine, a paper shredder that I got in exchange for some rewards points and finally, last Friday my month long wait for 2 items I purchased from Coastal Scents finally arrived! They are the 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette and he Comouflage Concealer Palette that you see below.

I was most interested in the Concealer Palette as my current concealers were doing a blah job of covering dark rings around my eyes from bouts of insomnia. This time, I went for the industrial strength concealer to tackle the job!

The 88 eye shadow palette was more to fulfil my curiosity of this beast of a palette- I mean, come on EIGHTY EIGHT?? This will last at least the next 3 generations and then some! Oh never know when the need for neon pink shadow will arise and if indeed it does, I shall be prepared for sure. Mum's already got her eyes (pun intended) on the earthy tones of the palette.  

My little girls were so happy with the new toy and volunteered to be my models and I did need the extra help swatching all 88 for you, dear readers. Feast your eyes on the following.....

Models Caitlyn-Jane and Anoushka-Joy show you swatches of Rows 1 to 4

Rows 5 to 8

And finally.....when both 'models' threw a diva fit claiming they were tired, I had to take over and swatch rows 9 to 11!

I take back what I said earlier....after taking a good look at the swatches, I can see myself wearing these colors. As they say in the industry, blend, blend, blend!

As for the concealers, if you see the picture below, I played around with it and found that it concealed really well. I used a mix of colors and it looks a whole lot better than the unconcealed eye.

What do you think, dear readers?


Rachel Cotterill said...

How many colours?! Wow.

Visiting to welcome you to SITS :)

pugnes said...

Looks colorful..Hope to see your updates with the colors soon :)