Friday, April 16, 2010

Have You Ever Forgotten A Step In Your Makeup Routine?

Or does this only happen to me?!

I walked out of the house the other day and had the strongest feeling that I had forgotten something. Turns out, I had forgotten to put on mascara.

I have forgotten the following on my way out to the office:-
  • my watch
  • lipstick
  • my work laptop
  • to kiss my children
  • to kiss my husband
  • blusher
  • to drink my coffee
So yeah, I do forget a lot.


pugnes said...

No Jacq, it happens to all especially to those who are working in the middle of city. I found that even if we are late 5mins, the traffic jam will be waiting for us. So during this rushing time to work, we might forgot few things. my experience, i even will forget to wear my moisturizer and after i apply my powder i will realize that my moist is not there. I will laugh at myself sometimes. :)

JackieA said...

That is so true Pugnes.....Its good that we can laugh at ourselves because we forget! Thank you for your continued support by commenting on notyourAverage beauty - I appreciate it!