Monday, April 5, 2010

How Often Do You Exfoliate?

It is believed by many that cleansing and exfoliating is important in maintaining great skin. Thus I cleanse three times a day - first thing in the morning, as soon as I get back from the office and just before I sleep. This is because of my combination skin which causes the area around my forehead, nose and chin to become oily. I also exfoliate once every week. 

Following the extremely dusty environment that I was working in these few weeks, I needed to step up my cleansing routine to ensure that my pores were not clogged and thus began exfoliating twice a week.

My favourite exfoliant is this one by Aesop - Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant and I have had it for the longest time as you can see from the tired looking bottle!
The exfoliant is a mixture of ground tea tree leaf, nuts and purified clay. It is suitable for most skin types which is perfect for my combination skin. I just tip some of the powder into the palm of my moistened hand and gently rub over my face and neck. I also use the excess on the back of my hands to give it a gentle scrub as you know a woman's true age is reflected by how smooth the back of her hand is and I am hell bent on that age being 25 and staying there!!

There are many types of exfoliants on the market such as beads which are gentler and grains such as the one I am using which is why the texture is on the coarse side so for those who prefer a gentler scrub, this may not be suitable.

Also, gentle massaging helps to zap the impurities that cause dullness and helps to stimulate blood flow which restores the natural luminosity of your skin.

So dear readers, how often do you exfoliate?


pugnes said...

I exfoliate once a week and prefer a prefer a gentler scrub. Looks like I must keep it as a habit for a younger skin complexion.

Simply Me said...

I have an oily T zone too and i use a mild scrub daily to keep my skin clean but i mst admit im kinda lazy too so i aint v regular !!

Megan Anne said...

I exfoliate about twice a day, sometimes more depending on what I've been doing.

I use the St. Ive's apricot scrub, but sometimes I just take a bit of liquid soap or soap lather and mix it with a crushed sugar cube.

I use that all over my body!

JackieA said...

Pugnes, I think you have really smooth skin and that is such a blessing! So do keep exfoliating.

JackieA said...

Simply Me, I am lazy too! Hence, there are many a weeks where I don't do it.....we are only human eh!

JackieA said...

Megan, I do like the idea of using a sugar cube and am intrigued by the idea of using it as an all over scrub too. I will try it this weekend and report on the results. I like that it is a cheaper (and easily obtained) alternative to more expensive body scrubs!