Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SilkyGirl Lipstick in Illusion

I love some of my lipsticks so much that wearing anything else is such a bother. My hands are conditioned to reach for a certain type of lipstick and I do this without thinking every morning. Yes dear readers, I have been in an illicit long term relationship with Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze's because of it's amazing moistness and staying power!

Yet, this morning I reached for a SilkyGirl. Her name is Illusion.

This is an orangey brown color that is creamy. It goes on semi sheer and in order for me to carry it off reasonably well, I have to line my lips with a slightly darker lip liner as you can see below.

I put this on at 7.30 this morning and by 9.30am after a cup of coffee, a healthy swig of water and was all gone and my lips felt dry and naked! I reached for my trusty tube of Revlon at 10.30am.

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