Monday, April 12, 2010

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder in Medium

Such a cute thing this Powder is! Let me tell you why I purchased it.....

Firstly, I was treated to a quick makeover by a charming SA called Yuri and secondly, she took the trouble to explain the products on display to me patiently and let me play around with some of the stuff. My intention was only to purchase the much talked about Primer but when I saw how lovely some of the other products were, I had to get them.
Admittedly, I was attracted to the packaging of this powder and the fact that the powder is dispensed by moving it clockwise and 'shaving' the amount that you need. Imagine the face of the powder is a clock and you should be able to picture the face of a clock with the numbers 1 to 12. Twist to 'one o'clock' and you get enough powder for sheer coverage on your face. Twist to 'two o'clock' to get enough powder for medium coverage and so on.

It comes with a small kabuki brush to apply the powder. The brush used at the counter was so much softer than the one in the box. I guess over time and perhaps a few washes, my brush will be soft too. Also, and this is not a complaint, the brush did shed a little on my first and second use only. So I am guessing that this is acceptable.

The powder is finely milled and I like the fact that I have the amount I want to use. With other powders that I have used, there are a few holes on a plastic cover that separates you from the powder and when you get to the last bits of the powder, it is such a bother tapping the container upside down over your puff trying to get the stuff out! You know what I mean right?

So with this, one twist and you are good to go.

It took some time to get used to applying my powder without a puff which I usually pat all over my face. I find it also easier to apply powder around the tricky areas such as the eyes with a puff too. However, Yuri taught me how to apply a sheer layer of powder all over my face with the kabuki brush and to get to the eye area by gently buffing the brush on and around my closed eye. I was also initially a little apprehensive that the brush would 'move' my carefully applied foundation and she assured me that if I waited a minute for my foundation to set, then applying the powder would not move it at all.

This powder is special in many ways. Amongst other things, it contains pure gold (!), 48 minerals and 11 amino acids. It also contains peptides which has anti-aging properties. This powder claims to decrease the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes by 33% after 10 minutes of use. In 6 weeks one should observe an overall decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by a whopping 67%!

My observation is that the powder gives one a flawless and luminous finish. I do not have many fine lines except around my eyes and these were less pronounced with the use of this powder. So I am very much looking forward to an obvious change in 6 weeks time and will report back on whether this claim is true.

I am totally loving this powder and was delighted to note that I found a shade that matched my skintone! There was even a foundation shade that suited me but I declined. Perhaps another day eh, readers!

This powder is also oil-free, talc-free and paraben-free which is great news for those with oily or sensitive skin.

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