Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smashbox O-Gloss

What caught my attention about this gloss is it's ability to turn from clear to a shade that is natural and complements your lips, all in a few seconds! I HAD to try this. 

As you can see below, the O-Glow promises to transform your lips to your own custom shade of pink. How cool is that?  

See my lips  a few minutes after application below......

It looks very natural and it looks like I have a sheer flush of color on. How sweet is that, dear readers?

Most of the time for the office I keep everything sheer and light except my lips which takes center stage with a pop of bright color. I am the sort who looks pale and washed out at the end of the day if I do not reapply lipstick after lunch so color is crucial to brightening up my look.

Best of all the first time I wore the O-Gloss, my man commented that he loved the look of my lips with sheer color on. That IS a plus in my books!

On to what makes the O-Gloss special.......it also contains Goji berry extracts which are full of beneficial properties. In Asia, goji berries are easily available in its dried form. They look like dried currants or raisins only goji berries are red. These berries are very high is antioxidants and is ful of essential minerals and amino acids. Personally, I have often snacked on goji berries because it is known to improve eyesight....so I guess it has been doing other good things for me as well! Mum also throws in a handful of these berries when she stir fries vegetables. It adds some oomph to boring green veggies and is also good for us.

Dear readers, the O-Glow costs 86 ringgits and may be rather steep for some beauties but so necessary in achieving that 'natural' look. Its a keeper! 


Megan Anne said...

It looks so pretty! I'm going to head to the Sephora in the mall and get some soon. Maybe I'll buy it as a birthday gift to myself.

pugnes said...

Cool!! I need something like this too. I have no time to stand in front of my mirror to color my lips in the morning. Its going to be an answer for my pale lips soon.