Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Nivea's Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

I have not paid much attention to the brand Nivea until I spotted these cleansing wipes recently. Ever since starting on facial cleansing wipes with Skinlite Make Up Cleansing Tissues (click on the link to read my review), I have been hooked and cannot live without them!

These are really useful and if you have never used one of these, I suggest you try them soon. It is even more useful when you are travelling and need to keep fresh.

I like to ensure that I effectively remove all traces of make-up as soon as I come home from work and sometimes, just cleansing with a cleanser does not do the job effectively. More so if you are wearing waterproof eye make-up. This is where these wipes come in handy. I do use a cleansing oil but that involves using several pieces of cotton wool to effectively clean my whole face. These wipes do just that and all I need is ONE piece of it to effectively clean my whole face. I then follow with my regular facial wash and this ensures that my face is really clean.

As you can see below, the wipes have cleaned my foundation and blush (the reddish brown areas) as well as waterproof eyeliner and mascara (the black areas). I use one side to clean my face and then turn the wipe over and wipe again to get the last traces of make-up.  

Nivea wipes do not contain alcohol and thus does not dry out skin. The wipes are enriched with Hydramine and Vitamin C and E. The wipes do contain a little cleansing oil as it feels a little oily after use - that is how it effectively removes waterproof make-up.

Have a look at the list of ingredients below.

I do love using these because it is so convenient as well as reasonably priced. You can pick this up for under RM20 and it contains 25 wipes. It also removes waterproof make-up like eyeliner and mascara. Do remember to wipe your eye area gently as you are using this to remove stubborn make-up.

Please remember dear readers, that once opened, you should use your wipes in a reasonable time as they tend to dry out and become useless. I should know, I learnt the hard way!

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pugnes said...

I will use wipes sometimes when i go out in the night. Usually i just wipe my face and leave it. Now i found that my steps are wrong. Thank you for the sharing Jacq. Its really useful :)