Friday, May 14, 2010

Smashbox: Reign Fall Collection Blusher

Although this is quite an 'old' collection by cosmetic junkies' standards, I purchased the one thing that caught my eye from this collection several months ago - the blusher. I have moved on from mostly dusky pinks to peachy toned blushers recently and this was one that I knew I had to have for several reasons.....the regal looking box and the smart leather packaging!

The leather packaging was to me something that I don't often see and it was way too cute to pass up.

The best part of this blusher is that it is divided into several 'bricks' of matte and shimmer. So a swirl of your blush brush will give you a little bit of both. And if you so prefer, you can just use either shimmer or matte on it's own. How cool is that!

I took a swatch of both the textures mixed together as you can see below.
It's a really sweet shade which works for my NC45 if you are about my shade or even a little darker, why not give this a try? I got this for less than RM60 so it's a good buy for those of you who are considering going from your safe pink shades of blusher to a more peachy toned one.

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