Friday, July 16, 2010

Avon's Soft Mousse Blush in Apricot Flush

I have recently fallen in love with this little wonder in a pot! I bought this ages ago and threw it in my vortex of cosmetics and it sort of sat at the bottom of that pit feeling very lonely until I found it. I have worn this several times since it resurfaced as you can see from the defiled product picture above!

It's called Apricot Flush and its a sweet shade that gives dusky skin a healthy flush. I swatched it on the back of my hand here for you to see.

Very pretty shade. Soft and seems to turn into very fine powder once it is on skin. It is totally buildable. If you use your fingers, which I intially did, the color tends to be a little on the heavy side and getting an even wash of color over my cheeks was not easy to achieve. I tried using MAC's 188 brush (small enough to get it into the pot and swirl for color) and the results were much better. The color applied very sheer and I was able to apply it evenly as well as build the color. Much easier to control where the color went compared to using my fingers. This is my personal opinion though because some ladies are more adept at application of makeup with their fingers.  

When I first purchased it, the mousse blush seemed slightly more softer but I guess that keeping it for quite some time has dried it out ever so slightly. When I took out this blusher, I expected it to have dried out completely thus rendering it useless. I was pleasantly surprised.

Avon is offering the Soft mousse blush in two shades - Apricot Flush and Peach Mousse. Apricot Flush has a  cool rosy undertone and Peach Mousse has a slight orange undertone to it which makes it very wearable and suitable for a wide variety of skintones.

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pugnes said...

Nice color, i think it suits better for my type of tan skins. I should give a try :)