Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ellefar 9 Color Shadow Palette From Daiso

Wow Daiso! I walked in to the One Utama outlet last Sunday and it was packed to the brim with people browsing through the racks of stuff they have there! There seems to be something for everyone and I bet you will never come away without buying something! Everything from cosmetics to kitchenware is in one store and all for RM5 flat!

See what I bought.......this is Ellefar Slim Color Pact - 9 Color Eye Shadow Palette called Sweet. I was drawn to this because I thought the colors were adorable and versatile enough to create several looks as well as being useful to take along while travelling. I must admit though that I was sceptical as to whether the color payoff would be good. But for RM5 who can complain right?

Have a look at these shimmery colors up close. The palette does not name each color so what you see is what you get. My favourites are the from left to right at the top, first row, third color - its a salmon pink. In the second row, I love the rich chocolate brown and in the bottom row, the buttercup yellow, right, is also quite delicious.

I must say that these colors are fairly pigmented which you can see from the swatches below. You will see a little powdery fallout but it is quite minimal. All colors except the chocolate brown were swatched once. In order to get the chocolate brown to show up properly, I needed to swatch twice.

The three pinks look similar but are ever slightly different if you look closely. The white (top row, middle color) looks like it has a little blue undertone in the picture which really surprised me because it looks a little pinky in the pan. This could be because this color is flanked by two pinks on either side. The green and blue at the bottom are quite exciting colors and I cannot wait to experiment with them some time soon.

I tried a look with three colors:- I used the cream (middle row, right) all over my lids and used a little on the brow bone. I then used the salmon color (top row, right) over the cream on the lids to create a subtle wash and then used the chocolate brown (middle row, left) at the corner and along the crease line. The cream and the salmon turned out quite nicely but I found it a little hard to get the chocolate brown to show up clearly. I did not put on more shadow as I was in a rush to get to the office. That is the trouble darker skinned women encounter - some colors are harder to wear than others. Its something I am working on by watching online videos and looking at tutorials. I will try this again soon and see if I can get the brown to show a little more.

I must say this is an interesting palette and if you want a little fix to appease the inner shopping queen in you, then head on over to Daiso - they have other little goodies too!

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