Friday, August 27, 2010

Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Soap

Free from Mineral oil and parabens, Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey soap got me all giddy from first smell! Yummeh!

When I have time, I like to spend my Saturday afternoon taking a nice long shower and I would take the time to work in some scrubbing and rubbing into the whole routine. I picked the Nefertiti Honey soap from the range to join the other little gems that I use during my shower.

The bar is huge (larger than the standard bar of soap) and I needed to shop for a soap dish large enough to house the honeyed beast, which of course took a long time as I had to shop in several places before I was happy with this one dish! Did I ever tell you that I am a little crazy?

I don't need to go into the wonderful properties of honey but if it is good enough for Queen Nefertiti, it's good enough for lil' ol' me!

The soap lathers a little more than normal soap and is very sudsy. The smell was nicer when it was still in the package so I was a little disappointed with the intensity which was far less  than when it was unused and packaged! Bah! Also, I felt that the soap was a little drying to my skin despite the fact that this soap is enriched with Pomegranate, Blue Egyptian Lotus and Malachite extracts.

So, nothing magical about this soap apart from the fact that it is a little more luxe than normal soaps and you do need to treat yourself a little now and then eh!

King & Queens does some lovely body butter, body milk and shower gels apart from their soaps. I purchased this at Shins at One Utama for RM25.

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