Saturday, August 28, 2010

NYX Jumbo Pencils

Oh the raves about these little things I tell you! Of course I just HAD to investigate!

Hence, I present to you these:-

From left to right:- Milk, Pure Gold, Purple Velvet, Orange and Black Bean.

The must have colors are Milk and Black Bean. Milk used as a base so lighter colors applied on it pop and Black Bean as a base for smoky looks.

What you notice first is that these are not your regular slimline pencils. These are the Sumo Wrestlers of the pencil world and hence the name "Jumbo" Eye Pencils! For the relatively cheap price (less than 15 ringgits) I was all excited at the amount of product that I got!

The best part is that these pencils apply so very smoothly and are dreamy creamy which makes it so super blendable. Because it is creamy though, there can be a tendency to overuse. So exercise caution when using as a little goes a very long way.

On the downside.....because of the Jumbo-ness, it is not ideal for using to precisely line the eyes. You will most likely end up with an uneven line. (You can tell that I tried to do it right?) 

You will also need to invest in a sharpener that is big enough to accomodate the larger girth that this pencil has but this is not difficult as these sharpeners are easily found. You know when I am sharpening my lip liners, I always mourn the fact that a lot (a LOT!) of product is wasted from the sharpening....I hate that which is why I was delighted to come across many video's online on de-potting (yes! de-potting) the Eye Pencil without changing the quality or consistency of the product. I may give it a go and report back later with my findings.

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