Friday, September 17, 2010

NYX Eyeshadow Base

There are many Eyeshadow Bases around but this one is the best IMHO. I purchased it for the sake of trying and not really expecting it to blow my socks off but this one came out a real gem!

I put it to the test one day when I needed to take my look from the office to dinner with a group of friends with nary a minute in the middle for touch ups. I put on my make up at 7am that morning and came home at 9pm and went straight to the mirror to have a look at how my eye make up looked. Having oily lids, I sometimes see creasing as early as noon and its not pretty! BUT on that fateful day, at 9pm I looked and looked and looked and WOW!!!! my lids looked as fresh as when I put on my make up that morning! Thats 14 hours that this base held my eyeshadow together my friends!

How can this be, I asked the eyeshadow Gods.....and the reply was: NYX eyeshadow base!

The color that I chose was ESB 03 which goes on a little light as you can see below but does help with making any eye color you apply on it just that little bit brighter.

Let me tell you that a very little bit goes a long way. Just pick up a little of the product with your ring finger and apply all over the lids up to the brow bone, wait about thirty seconds for it to set (well, I like to anyway but if you dont have time....go ahead) and you are good to go with putting on your eyeshadow.

Now this puppy is part of my daily staple. I spend long hours in the office some days and I am confident enough not to be checking my eyes for that awful line in my eyelid crease that gives my oily skin away!

Go online now and buy it!


Tanveer Parmar said...

I have this one in skintone and quite like it myself. Planning to get the white shimmery one next time :)

Uma Preve said...

I didn't know NYX had such a good product. I like their lipsticks! Thanks for sharing!

dust bunnies and make-up; ❤ said...

oh wow! just what I needed!!! thank you!