Thursday, December 30, 2010

LUSH - Snow Fairy LE Christmas Shower Gel

I have a friend who smells sort of bubble gummy/candy flossey all the time! I ventured to ask her if she made candy floss on the side because she smelled so divine as if she worked in Santa's kitchen! By the way, if you are a cosmetic junkie there is NO shame in asking when you see (or in this case smell) something awesome even if it is a complete stranger!

Back to my friend.....she told me that the smell in question was her shower gel and it was from a company called Lush. Now I had read about Lush and all their handmade goodies and was about to get another friend from the US to help me ship it over. As luck would have it, this friend of mine was an Australian working in Malaysia and her contract allowed her to fly back every two weeks. She was generous enough to bring back a small bottle from her private stash for me to try out in October. I was sold! And put in my Christmas order for several large bottles of the pink stuff pronto!

The shower gel in question is called Snow Fairy and is only sold for a limited period during the Christmas season which sells out pretty quickly and you need some good grabbing skills to get them off the shelves and into your shopping basket in two seconds flat before it is all gone!

Snow Fairy just brings out the child in you and as much as my two little girls are averse to anything pink (!), I on the other hand embrace all things pink with gusto!! The smell!! Oh how shall I describe this without doing it serious injustice? Well, it smells of sweet candy and when it has had time to mix with your natural body oils, it smells like you but better! Can you imagine that? I just love it and on the days I shower with this, I refuse to tarnish it's sweet goodness with any perfume.

Here is a list of what goes into this sweet concoction:-

As you can plainly see, the ingredients include Iridescent Glitter!! Yes, glitter.... please don't be alarmed, this washes off in the shower and can hardly be noticable once you lather it up. But totally divine to look at in the bottle. I may have mentioned this is a past post but when I was growing up, I never had the opportunity to use fancy soaps so I guess the child in me goes into overdrive at the sight of these little things! In fact I do have a whole stash of Lush soaps courtesy of my friend AKC (thanks man!) who insisted I tried out all her fave's as well.  


anamika said...

nice review.. where were u ..don c many posts from yur side?

pugnes said...

Great review, your review makes me to checkout hows ME smell now!!