Thursday, December 30, 2010

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

I saw this thingamajig being reviewed on You Tube about 6 months ago and was instantly drawn to how it worked and whether it would be effective so I hopped on to and put in my order via a spree.

It so small and cute and best of all it vibrates! Wink wink!! I stumbled upon this little image when I was looking for one of the whole set in the box as I opened mine without taking a picture....

The Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser as it is called is a gently vibrating tool with a round pad that is pre-soaked with facial foam and attached to the head of the device. You attach the slightly abrasive pad to the head, wet the pad slightly and switch it on then gently massage it all over your face in a circular motion.

 Focus on the areas that are rougher - in my case, on my forehead and chin. Keep adding water to the pad as it dries so you get a good lather. You will feel a slight tingly sensation as the solution works on your skin. I also feel incredibly relaxed as I am using this due to the vibration on my face!

We all know that exfoliation is key to revealing and maintaining clear skin and the Wave is an affordable tool that can assist in this process. This product/device will help in unclogging pores and this in turn will allow your skincare lotions and potions to sink deeply into the epidermis thus receiving the total and full benefit of it. Other benefits of deep exfoliation are also the fact that your moisturizer will be absorbed better and your foundation will also glide on easily and not be patchy.

Whats there to love about my new gadget? Plenty!
  • I control how much pressure I use when I exfoliate with this product. This is really important for those with sensitive skin and the amount of pressure you use with this product can be controlled. Gentle circular motions is what I use on most of my face but areas such as my chin and forehead, I tend to press a little more.
  • It is ergonomically designed as it fits into the palm of my hand and its rounded design with its rubberized textured grip on the sides means I can hold it comfortably without the fear of it slipping. It is also ultra light.
  • Comes with a velcro top which makes the circular pad stick fast. 
  • The pad also comes pre-soaked with a foaming wash which is convenient - and I like the fresh and non overpowering smell of it. Once you begin exfoliating your face with this, the solution on the pad gives a sort of tingly feeling which I really like. 
  • It can be used in the shower and there is no fear of getting it wet. 
  • Skin feels much softer and brighter after use.
  • The kit comes with one AA battery and a two week supply of the disposable cleansing pads. How nice is that!! I hate it when I rip open a product to use and have to immediately go out and buy batteries as well as refills of the thing, so this was great in that I was able to use it from the word go!
  • It comes in pink, turquoise, or apple-green color and since I bought it online, I was not able to specify what color I wanted. Of course you already know that I would have so chosen pink!!
  • I like that this is convenient and small and that I don’t have to deal with many fiddly bits before I can use it. You just switch it on (which is a small button on the bottom of the gadget) and go.

 Here is a section of my cheek after a few minutes of using the Wave. As you can see, there is a small amount of foam.

Neutrogena claims that this device is clinically proven superior to manual cleansing in three ways:

1. 100% of women showed significantly deeper pore cleansing from its penetrating cool foam

2. Its massaging, vibrating action opens pores to remove dirt, oil, and makeup and stimulates the skin’s surface

3. You’ll see immediate softer, smoother skin after just one use

 I experienced a deeper pore clansing in the form of fresh feeling and clean skin right after cleansing with this product and my skin did feel smoother and softer after one use. However, if you have sensitive skin, I would not suggest that you use this everyday - as the package says you can - you might aggravate your skin. I use it about once or twice at the most per week and that is enough for me.

My only gripe about this product is the fact that the cleansing pads are for single use only which seems wasteful to me. But for hygenic reasons, it is best to discard it after each use. I may try using a regular cotton pad and a drop of my own cleanser to see if it is as effective although I doubt it.

The good news is that a few months after I purchased this for USD7.99, I spied it at our very own Guardian Pharmacy for around RM 50 plus! They sold out pretty quickly but the cleansing pads were readily available at the Neutrogena counters. If you want a deep cleanse and an at home exfoliator then this will be right up your alley!

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Abi said...

Happy new year, I’ve been silently reading your blog for a while now, and as part of my 2011 resolutions i decided to blog and actually comment on the blogs I follow...So im dropping by to say Hi :)Ive seen these in chemists here, but have to finsih by current cleansers b4 i get a new one...but cant wait to try it out...btw does it dry out your skin?
♥ Abi