Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bloodshot Eyes - But I Am No Drinker!

This is a plea to all my readers for natural remedies on how to restore my eyes to it's white glory. For the longest time I have battled the whites of my eyes looking all reddish and bloodshot. I am sick of people asking me:-
  1. if I just cried;
  2. why my eyes are red (if I knew, would I not do something about it?);
  3. why I look tired;
  4. if something is wrong with my eyes;
I have had quite bad sinuses which get infected easily and am allergic to excessive dust and am affected badly by the air conditioning. Can that get any worse friends? My GP mentioned that my congested sinuses are the cause of the red eyes but she said nothing much can be done about it unless the sinuses clear up....which, seeing that this runs in my family looks like a no go for me!

So here is my plea, if you have any natural remedies which you can share with me on how to overcome this and restore my peepers to its pearly white lustre, I would be eternally grateful! Is there a herb that I should boil and drink the juice of? Are there specific dietary changes I need to make? Help!

1 comment:

Tanveer Parmar said...

Try using a blue eyeliner - it makes the eyes appear whiter.. :)