Thursday, March 3, 2011

Va J-J Visor! Protection For Your Privates - Strange but True

Whilst trolling some websites, I came across this curiosity! Yes, you read it correctly, it’s a Va-J-J Visor! How interesting! And, I must add, quite useful if you um, need coverage of a more personal kind.

This product was developed by a gynecologist in Washington, but there is no mention on whether the creator was a woman or man though! Men have a similar product for themselves, called the ‘cup’ to protect their bits and pieces and now women have THIS.

The VJJV (as it shall now be known) is a disposable shield that protects a woman’s privates, namely the inner labia, clitoris and vaginal opening. It is soft and flexible and stays in place using your body’s natural muscular tension. No strings attached baby!

Uses of the VJJV includes during hair removal – however you like it done girls, whether it be depilatory creams, hot wax, razors, and scissors, as well as during laser and electrolysis treatments – you can use this to keep the tender bits covered and for a little modesty as well.

Importantly, this can be used while you are trying out swimsuits so it’s more hygienic, though personally I have never stripped down completely when trying on swimsuits.

If you are into tanning – which I dare say is not that big in Malaysia yet – then you can use this to protect your parts from a big blast of UV rays. Also, if you suddenly feel the need to tattoo or pierce your private area then this will be great to ensure that the instruments involved don’t venture too near the danger zone!

Check out the colors! Really cute!

Quite useful don’t you think?

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Uma Preve said...

Interesting post! How does it work! I don't wana show my weewee situation here! LOL! Thanks for posting.