Friday, April 15, 2011

Lakme Insta-Liner

Here's what I scored from a recent trip to Singapore. If you had mistaken this bottle for nail polish - you are forgiven! I thought so too at first glance! Then when I read it was an eye liner, I was delighted and intrigued as to how it would perform.

My first reaction was - what a generous amount of product for about RM10? Don't you think so? The bottle is big compared to other liquid liners on the market which come in a very small bottle but to be fair lasts a very long time.

For me, what is important is the applicator....if its too long, the application can be less precise. If it is not long enough, you will not be able to apply the product close enough to your lashes without smudging it over the lid. Take a look at the slim brush tip at the bottom.

The applicator itself is not that long but the brush is in my opinion too long and being similar to nail polish in design, you need to remove excess product from the brush tip before you apply as it seems to pick up more product than you need. This is also because the liquid liner is very watery. Have you ever had nail polish which flowed to the tip of the brush and created a large blob at the end of the brush? Well this will do the exact same thing if you do not first swipe off the excess on the lip of the bottle.

The color available was black and this was indeed a very dark black. It applied smoothly as you can see from in the bottom picture and gives a nice thin line. However, you need to have a deft hand and some experience in applying liquid liner. Not for the faint hearted and unsteady handed I assure you. 

I liked how I was able to get very close to the lash line with the applicator but even though I apply liquid liner everyday, I still needed a few tries before I got used to the wand which is usually slim on other brands. I applaud Lakme for its unique approach to creating the bottle and thank them for the quantity which is good value for money for those who are on a budget (this was SGD 3.50).

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anamika said...

this is quite a fav product of every one in India:)