Thursday, April 14, 2011

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

With the promise of lashes looking as if you have falsies on, who can resist? No sir, not me! Ever since I heard that Max Factor was back in town, I was itching to go see the goods. Sadly, to hear that this brand is no more a 'drugstore' brand was upsetting as I do remember seeing items from this iconic brand in the boudouir's of several aunts back in the day.

This mascara looks rather bulky but I have no problems with that. The wand is rather big and long but I like the grip of it as it gives me good control. As you can see from the picture below, the applicator has short stubby bristles which are rubbery in texture. They work very well to grip the lash and dispense product to it. As for the mascara itself, to me it seems a little on the dry side and sometimes I wonder if I do have enough product on the end of the wand - I do not pump the wand vigorously up and down to get more product as I don't like the idea of introducing too much air into it. So what I do is gently swirl the wand in the tube as I open it.  

The before and afters are quite dramatic and speaks volumes! Please note that I did this at night without any makeup on my face.....

The picture below shows you my lashes without mascara. (Sorry for the red veined eye!)

And this picture below is with mascara! KA-BOOM! Look at that! Lengthened, thickened, darkened - all in two coats! I do not curl my lashes partly because I am lazy and also because I think the method I use to apply my mascara gives it a natural curl which stays all day long. I have never experienced limp lashes and the humidity does not affect them once my mascara is on.

Here is what I do - I apply mascara to the top side of the lashes from the root in a left to right motion and then sweep from root to tips from the outer lashes to the inner ones. I then move to the underside and do the same. Only as I am sweeping the wand from the root to the tips, I press the wand against the lashes that are close to the root and push the lashes up to create the curl and keep it. What happens is, when the product that you put on the top part of the lashes dries, it holds the curl and keeps it that way without going limp. 

You can see that the eye on the left looks light and sparse whereas on the right, lashes are thicker and longer.

What do you think readers? Do you have this lovely mascara? Will you purchase and give it a spin like I did?

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