Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nailing It!


When I was younger, I always had lovely nails which I took pains to paint and keep looking healthy. This sort of took a back seat when I put my energies into taking care of my two little girls. I would occasionally get a pedicure if my toenails looked particularly bad but that was it. It was not until my husband commented on how much he loved my smooth hands and feet and that he missed how they were glossy and painted did I realize that I was neglecting them. It was a real boost for me to hear my husband say that about my skin!
I have since taken an interest in keeping my toes painted and well groomed between pedicures (whether done at a salon or by myself). Even my nails are kept buffed and shined. More so because when I take care of these small details, I feel good about myself. As I get older, I find that it is these little things that keep me going.

My interest in nail care also was rekindled when I stumbled on blogs which featured NOTD’s – nail’s of the day. And wow, can some ladies do their nails!! Kudos to prettybeautiful and konaddict for this. I was particularly taken in by Konad products and the ability to achieve salon perfect fingers and toes with the tools that the range carries. Now it seems like just plain painted nails are so boring and making a statement with your nails as a means of self expression is in!

I was really excited to learn that Etude house carried some Konad products – mainly the tools to get you started with doing some serious stamping designs on your nails. However, I was disappointed to be told by the SA that the stamping tool was unavailable and has been so for 2 months. I guess this nail craze must be catching on in Malaysia! The SA’s were really wonderful in showing me how the Konad nail art is used and took the time to suggest colors as well as some techniques on stamping. If there were fewer customers that day, they would have certainly spent more time teaching me the tips and tricks!

I did come away with some Konad plates and I ordered the stamping tool on http://konad.com.my/index.php . A quick e-mail to the company confirmed that they indeed carry the tool and I ordered it together with some special nail polish which is used to transfer the nail art onto the nail. I will be doing a review on that once I get the products but before that here is some eye candy on the nail plates as well as some nail polish which I bought from Etude House as well as the Face Shop.

The nail plates that I purchased were :- M41, M50, M57 and M62. Etude House does not carry the entire range of Konad plates. They also don’t sell the special nail polish to be used together with the plates. The SA’s at EH used their own in house brand of nail polish which they claim does the same job as the Konad special nail colors. It worked in the shop, but if you read some blogs out there, it is understood that only certain brands of non-Konad nail colors will do the job of transferring the design. So proceed with caution if you are going to invest in this.

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