Monday, November 2, 2009

Konad Crazy! My First NOTD!

I have been indeed a happy camper these past few weeks. Remember my Konad haul? Yep, my introduction to the world of Konading came via PrettyBeautiful and her NOTD's. I was so fascinated by Konad that I went out and bought the stuff. I had read that Etude House (Bukit Bintang) and InQBox (1Utama) carried them and initially made my way to EH to check it out. Sadly, they carried limited plates and were out of the stamping tool when I was there. I then purchased the stamping tool as well as the special nail polishes from and two (yes! just two) days later, my products arrived!

I must say, my intial excitement was met with disappointment when I was unable to stamp the beautiful designs on to my nails as easily as I had seen them being done on youtube! It was really strange because the first image usually transferred nicely but subsequently they all never came off the plate on to the stamping tool! I was stumped. I tried stamping without the fan switched on to pressing the stamper really hard to pick up the image....nothing worked! I am not one to give up easily so I left the stuff aside for a couple of days and started to do my research on the net on how to get around this problem. I sent prettybeautiful an e-mail which she replied with useful tips and I also looked for videos online for help. Here is what I found:-

Casual Lavish has a good tutorial with plenty of tips here- and together with prettybeautiful and her tips, I was successful in learning how to do it correctly.

For those who are starting out, a few key things to remember are:-

  • filing the stamping tool with a fine nail file before you begin using it - this is particularly helpful if the tool is too smooth and is not picking up your design.

  • ensuring that you do not touch the image plates with your fingers, as the natural oils may get in the way of the design sticking to the stamper

  • using nail polish that is 100% acetone or one that does not have moisturizers that could introduce oils to the image plates/stamper

So, now I would like to introduce you to my NOTD!

For this look I used a pinky brown nail color from Bloop de Paris and topped it off with a design from the M57 plate you see above. I was really happy with the outcome as I had been trying really hard for some weeks now to produce something worthy for my readers (hey MOM!!) to see. I hope you like it and I hope to do more NOTD's.

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