Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E.L.F Elements - Custom Lipstick Compact

I really like compact make-up items which can be thrown into my handbag and this is one such item. This one was fun to choose because it lets you customise your colors and for the compact, plus the 4 colors I chose, I only paid USD 5 which is very cheap.
These three pictures show you the box, the compact and another view inside the compact. It looks sleek and opens and shuts with ease. There is a large mirror inside the compact which is useful if you don't have large mirrors around and need a quick touch up. There is a dual brush inside - a lipstick brush as well as an eyeshadow sponge tip and these will do in a hurry. This compact can also be used to house eyeshadow pans and thats why you get the sponge tip applicator as well.
These are the four colors that I chose:- wine, crimson, earth rose and peaches. They come individually and encased in plastic. All I needed to do was to take the pans out of the packaging and insert them into the compact. Each lipstick pan came with a little magnet on the back and on that magnet, there is a little sticker with the color indicated on it. How convenient!

I swatched the colors which I chose here for you to see.

The colors are creamy and sheer but buildable. If you need average coverage and a sheer wash of color then these would suit you. I tried wine, crimson and earth rose, all of which I like however, the colors do not last very long and have a tendency to disappear on your lips if you just use one coat. My upper lip is darker than my lower lip and I do have problems trying to even out the colors so I prefer deeper colors or deeply pigmented lipsticks that can even the color on my lips. These 4 colors do not do that for me. So, on days when I want to be a little casual and just need a wash of color on my lips, then I reach for these.

Now, lets talk a little about the fourth color, peaches. I am sure you are wondering why I picked such a light color. Peaches looked sweet on the online store and I believed it to be a little pinker than what you see in the picture. However, this was not the case. Nevertheless, I can still work with this color as can all of you ladies out there who find that they bought the wrong color.

Firstly, you can mix it with some other color and get something totally new. Secondly, what I do is once I have used a color on my lips, I take a light color, like this one and apply it to the pout of my lower lips, right in the middle. It gives your lips more depth and shine and makes it look fuller. Of course, the trick to this is blending until the color is even. Thirdly, swap with a friend who you know the color will suit! And fourthly, we all make mistakes and thats how we learn what is and is not right for our skintone and coloring. So make a mental note of the color and swear never to buy anything like it ever again!

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