Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Do I Store My Stuff?

ParisB from Mywomenstuff had recently shown you her storage space and she encouraged us to show ours as well. Thus I have taken some photo's of where I store all my stuff for you, my dear readers, to see.

One hot, sunny afternoon, I decided that I needed someplace to store all my beauty stuff as my dresser was heaving under the heaps of products and I dragged my wonderful husband to Carrefour to look for some storage ideas. I must pause here to say that in all my crazy endeavours, my husband has stood by me and is my greatest supporter. He was amazed that I wanted to start a blog, is blown away that I am so heavily into all things beauty related and is enthralled by my Konad adventures! He says, my day job in the high flying corporate world is such a contrast to my 'other' side!

Anyway, I needed a man's point of view on whether the shelves, storage drawers and other whatnot that I needed would fit into the space between my dresser and the wall. So with a measuring tool he looked really professional as he was measuring the amount of space I had to work with and once he had the necessary information written down, we headed off to Carrefour. (Men! you've gotta love them!).

I found this amazing storage sheves which fit perfectly into the space I had and had wide enough space to fit whatever I had plus some for 'future purchases'! Lovely!

Let me explain the things that you see in the picture above.

On the topmost shelf, I have two clear cookie containers of different heights (recycled from a Hari Raya hamper that arrived at the office), in these, I have my brushes (the taller container) and in the shorter container, my hubby's hair gel and deodorant (that's all he needs apart from his perfume!!!). The basket sandwiched in the middle there has some tools such as lip balm, night cream for face and eyes, toner, my deodorant, bottles of foundation which could not fit into the drawers and cotton pads as well as q-tips.

The big set of drawers on the top houses from top to bottom:
  • Drawer 1: Miscellaneous samples of different products.
  • Drawer 2: Extra Sponges.
  • Drawer 3: Round cotton pads to use with toner or for removing make-up/nail polish.
  • Drawer 4: Moisturiser and fine milled facial powder used to set make-up.

I also purchased the smaller blue drawers that you see on the second shelf and they fit these things:-
  • Left Drawer 1:foundations, liquid (decanted to smaller pots) and powders, concealers, and some triangular sponges that I use for liquid foundations.
  • Left Drawer 2: Eyeshadows (my everyday ones).
  • Left Drawer 3: Mineral eyeshadows and some shadows that are rarely used.
  • Right Drawer 1: Blushes
  • Right Drawer 2: Eyeliners (liquids, gels and pencils) and mascara's.
  • Right Drawer 3: Lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils

The black square case that you see stuffed in the second shelf houses some extra products or new one's which I have yet to use. That case came from Estee Lauder and I bought a set of make-up items that came in that case. I didn't care much for the shadows and brushes that came with the set (gave them to mum) but the case was good for more storage!
Right at the bottom, I have a container which I purchased at Carrefour which is commonly found in the hardware department as it is used for storing nails and such. I found that the compartments were perfect to store my jewellery, such as chains, earrings and rings which I have purchased or were gifted to me over the years. I have a passion for large and unique looking rings which I use as statement pieces occassionally. I do have many chains which I rarely use. I just am not into them right now. I do not store gold or my pearls here - they are in the bank.
The last shelf also has my hairdryer which is convenient because there is a powerpoint just below the shelf. This shelf is perched on a stool which came with the dresser, but I dont use. This gives me easy access to all the three shelves, and I also have space underneath the stool to put in a small bin for my used cotton or tissues etc.
Here you can see my dressing table and the stuff that sits there now! My favourite perfume is Petit Cherie by Annick Goutal - I love its floral and summery smell.
Well, I hope, dear reader that you had a good time looking at my storage space.

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P.Pugnes said...

I should try to get these kind of storage boxes too. My makeup stuffs and other stuffs are really in a great mess. Thank you for the idea that you shared with us, its kind of useful for me i think.