Monday, November 9, 2009

ELF Haul!

Not too long ago, I purchased these E.L.F beauties from an online spree. If you have come across you would have also seen something labelled "Stuff for the Ladies" and mighty interesting stuff can be found here let me assure you! One gem is a seller called sgdrugstore. This is a seller that is reliable and well recommended by blogger Connie of Skindeco - you can read her review of Ryan who is the brains behind sgdrugstore here:-

Quite a bit of a haul as you can see from the picture above and it took only 3 plus weeks to arrive at my doorstep! The total cost of my haul came to only RM105 and postage was waived because my purchase exceeded RM100.

E.L.F stands for Eyes, Lips, Face and this brand has a range of products that cost only USD1! How can you beat that? They also have a 'Studio Line' that is priced at USD3 and is another winner according to some reviews online. All the products you see in the picture above are from the USD1 line. I will be reviewing these products in the coming posts so do look out for them.

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